SeaBalm™ Pain Cream | Psoriasis Cream | Eczema Cream


SeaBalm™ Ocean Enhanced All Purpose Organic Healing Salve provides fast effective relief from symptoms associated with pain and inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, neuropathy, arthritis, sore muscles and much more. SeaBalm™ is an effective pain cream, psoriasis cream, eczema cream and all purpose topical salve.

SeaBalm™ is the only topical all purpose salve in the world that harnesses the incredible healing powers of Pacific Ocean mined nano-minerals allowing for enhanced voltage-gated channel functioning within the nervous system. The unique ionic properties of SeaBalm™ topical pain cream do much more than block pain receptors on contact they also provide fast effective management of symptoms commonly associated with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, neuropathy, sore muscles, inflammation, joint pain, chapped lips, burns, hemorrhoids and much more.

SeaBalm™ all purpose salve is hand crafted by members of our family of artisans in our state of the art ISO7 / GMP production lab located along the west coast of beautiful Vancouver Island using 100% organic non GMO base ingredients that are fair trade sourced both locally and around the globe.

SeaBalm™ Ingredients include:

Pacific Ocean trace minerals
Organic shea butter
Organic cacao butter
Organic hemp oil
Organic MCT oil
Organic beeswax
Dimethyl sulfoxide
Organic isolates
Organic essential oils
Organic kokum butter
Organic mango butter


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