SeaBalm Ocean Enhanced Skin Care

Our Story

The SeaBalm™ recipe was discovered back in 2015 when two of our family members accidentally stumbled onto a process we dubbed “AquaLocking” which allowed us to successfully bind the incredible healing power of trace sea minerals to our all natural organic oil base.

The SeaBalm™ family recipe has since been further refined and perfected into the incredible product it is today.
Try SeaBalm™ Its The Balm!



All Organic Ingredients

All SeaBalm™ OceanEnhanced Products are artisan crafted from 100% Organic / Fair Trade base ingredients.


Canadian Company

SeaBalm™ world headquarters are located on the west coast of beautiful Vancouver Island. #ItsTheBalm



All SeaBalm™ products are produced in our newly constructed state of the art ISO7 / GMP manufacturing facility.

Treat Your Skin!

Treat your skin to SeaBalm™ and experience the all natural Ocean Enhanced healing powers of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Smooth, clean, all natural… 



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